Order your dream-house

You like one of my designs and would like to have it in your house? Would you like me to meet your child – a future owner of the room? You wish to have a design that will make your child happy? You wish to order a surprise-room like in the book „The Children of Noisy Village Bullerbyn”? Perhaps your son wants to paint the walls in his room black and leave the concrete floor, which makes you want to change the adress? I am here to help you.

Maybe I will mange to convince you to keep the walls black, or perhaps I will discovere with your son a completely new, unique style? You are bound to save money on things badly chosen and save time, that you can devote for your loved ones. Because running around the shops and browsing the internet is what I am really good at. Some say that building a house or a refurbishment in one are a major cause of family feuds – I do not deny that, and I know what to do to prevent that.

I make the interior designs in two ways. After consulting customers and recognising their needs I make an outline of the rooms or a full computer visualisation. You receive different designs of the furniture and equipment to choose (no more than 3 variants) and then we purchase them. The building team works to the customer’s order and I am there to give hints and corrections. The design is finished after it is presented to a child.
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